Find a Timesheet Template

A timesheet template is used to record employee hours worked for the calculation of wages. They can also have more detail to allow the analysis of tasks performed in the day. A timesheet template may form the basis of client billing.


Timesheet templates provide advantages for time recording, project costing, project management and resource allocation & planning.

A timesheet template can be either printed or kept electronically. Timesheet template software is freely available for download on the internet. Templates are available free for the popular software packages such as Excel.

Look out for special offers and deals from the online retailers that include free postage and packing. We hope you find the best timesheet template for you and your business.

Simple Timesheet Templates can be found for programs such as Microsoft Excel, Apache OpenOffice or Google Sheets. These can be downloaded free from the internet using a simple search. These templates will cover most of what is needed for a small business.